Patients Speak

  • I like to thank Doctor and every staff, who gave me very beautiful baby. Thanks to Dr. Sowmya and Dr. Shruthi. I Appreciate your job. Your speaking Knowledge attract patients. Your Santasa Care is very helpful to all Women, Thanking you so much.

    Sumiya Banu

  • Santasa means "Happiness". Today I got happiness in my life only beacause of Santasa founder Dr.Sowmya Dinesh Madam. Today I become mom only beacause of Dr.Sowmya mam. She is such a wonderful, beautiful, smiling, charming doctor that i never seen such a great doctor in my life. Beacause of Dr.sowmya mam countles childless couples become parents. I never expected that in Hassan I will get such a good treatment and I become mom. Really I'am Speachless, I can just say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much Sowmya mam and I'am thankful to Dr.Shruthi mam and staff of Santasa ,Thanking you so much

    Shilpa Lokesh, Mysore